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EnviroPad spill mat being used at a refuelling station


Innovative spill pad that locks in hydrocarbons permanently

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Dewatering Filters

Keep your operations compliant
when pumping out excavations

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EnviroHorn™ Drain Filters

Prevent run-off from your site polluting
or blocking the drainage system

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Oil Removal Cartridges

The low-cost, low-maintenance &
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Smart Pollution Prevention Solutions from Green Rhino

Best spill control – Best value – Less waste

Green Rhino manufactures innovative spill control solutions for the construction, civil engineering, utility and transport sectors. Where oil, fuel or sediment is a contamination risk, Green Rhino products will prevent pollution.

How are we different?

In a market crowded with companies claiming to ‘care for the environment’ but selling products that are demonstrably flawed, Green Rhino set out to develop spill control solutions that would deliver on the promise.

We pioneered the use of smart polymers to neutralise hydrocarbons. Our smart polymer technology delivers 100% effective spill control at a significantly lower price than established spill control solutions. If you use oil absorbents, nappy-style spill trays, oil-water separators, settlement tanks or vacuum tankers, Green Rhino can improve your risk mitigation and/or save you money.

Why smart polymers are better than absorbents

In the field of spill containment, absorbent spill products are commonly used. These products do not retain hydrocarbons permanently. Absorbents act like a sponge; pollutants can go in, but they can come out again. So if used outside when it rains, or used to soak spills up from water, these products simply become another spill risk.

Green Rhino smart polymer products retain hydrocarbons permanently. Whether capturing leaks or spills directly, or filtering contaminated water, our smart polymer reacts with hydrocarbons to form a solid rubber-like substance. In this state, the pollutants are trapped inside the product. Contaminants won’t leak out and can’t be flushed out by rainwater or jet washing.

Our proprietary blends of smart polymer are uniquely effective in attracting and retaining a wide range of hydrocarbons including oil, diesel, petrol, hydraulic fluid and transformer liquid. Smart polymers are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and have no special COSHH requirements.

Why you should choose Green Rhino

The primary reason you use spill containment products is to protect the environment and, by extension, protect your employer from prosecution for pollution offences. Using products that retain hydrocarbons permanently instead of products that don’t makes a lot of sense. When these products are also cheaper, it’s a no-brainer.

Request a site demo now and see how our smart polymer turns oil into rubber. We guarantee you’ll be impressed.

Our products include:

  • EnviroPad® oil absorbent spill mat
  • Sediment dewatering filters
  • EnviroHorn™ drain filters
  • Oil absorbent pillows
  • Oil absorbent booms
  • Oil detection strips
  • Oil removal cartridges & filters for bund drainage
  • Site drainage solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are smart polymer spill control products more effective than absorbent-based products?

Absorbent-based products act like a sponge – they absorb hydrocarbons but won’t retain them permanently. If absorbent-based spill mats and nappies get saturated – with rainwater for example – pollutants will flush out with the excess water. Pollutants can also drain out of absorbent pillows, booms and socks when removed from the spill. Smart polymer spill containment products absorb and solidify hydrocarbons – locking them inside the product permanently. EnviroPad®, our smart polymer spill pad, can become saturated or be jet washed clean without any hydrocarbons being flushed out. Our Oil Retention Pillows and Booms can be wrung out to remove excess water before disposal or before storage in between uses.

Green Rhino smart polymer products have no special COSHH requirements and can be disposed of in your normal hazardous waste bins. In the US, smart polymer spill containment products might be considered as non-hazardous waste. Check with your local regulator.

Yes. With absorbent-based spill containment products you are capturing, storing and disposing of liquid hydrocarbons which are highly flammable. Our smart polymers convert hydrocarbons into a solid rubber substance which has significantly lower flammability and off-gassing properties.

When the smart polymer inside the EnviroPad® reacts with hydrocarbons it doubles in thickness. When the pad has doubled in thickness all over it is ready to be replaced.

When all the smart polymer in a Green Rhino Oil Removal Cartridge has been activated by hydrocarbons (e.g. transformer fluid), it physically blocks the cartridge preventing any further flow. This will cause the hydrocarbon-contaminated water to back up in the bund until the cartridge has been replaced.

Our sediment dewatering filters and drain filters can be reused up to 20 times. However, this can depend on how fine the sediment is. We recommend that you use the filters until the flow rate becomes too slow. Filters can be flushed out with water in between uses to clean the filter membrane. Most of our dewatering filters include an integral hydrocarbon detection strip. If this becomes activated, the filter is contaminated and should be replaced immediately.