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Green Rhino has pioneered the use of smart polymer technology for spill control in the construction and utility sectors.

Our products are designed to reduce your environmental impact in two significant ways: effective spill control and reduced waste generation. In doing so, we also help improve your operational efficiency and reduce your costs.

Consequently, Green Rhino is fast becoming the de facto choice for the UK’s largest constructors and utilities, and their subcontractors.

There is still much to do with regards to pollution control. Whether creating solutions for unresolved problems or helping to increase compliant behaviour at all levels of the sectors in which we work, Green Rhino aims to be the leader.

Smart Polymer Technology – 100% Effective Spill Control

Our proprietary CG1 polymer is uniquely effective in attracting and retaining a wide range of hydrocarbons including oil, diesel, petrol, hydraulic fluid and transformer liquid.

Whether capturing leaks or spills directly, or filtering contaminated water, our smart polymer reacts with hydrocarbons to form solid rubber. In this state, the pollutants can’t leak out – even under pressure. CG1 polymer is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and has no special COSHH requirements.

The absorbents used in the majority of spill control products on the market act like sponges. When it rains, and these products get saturated, contaminated water flushes back out of them into the environment. Similarly, contaminated water contained inside them can be spilt during transit and disposal.

CG1 smart polymer locks contaminants in permanently; only clean water runs out.

Reduced Waste Generation

When you dispose of other spill control products – such as spill pads, mats and nappies, absorbent pillows and booms – you are not only disposing of the item itself, but also the contaminated water pooled inside.

Because our smart polymer products – EnviroPad, Oil Retention Pillows and Oil Retention Booms – trap contaminants inside, you can allow them to drain before you dispose of them. This reduces the volume of waste you generate and therefore the costs of waste disposal.

Additionally, Green Rhino smart polymer products retain more oil than alternative solutions – which means they last longer. See the comparison between EnviroPad and its nearest competitor.

This in turn means that you will be disposing of fewer spent items, further reducing your environmental impact.