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EnviroHorn™ Drain Filter: VINCI Construction

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VINCI Construction UK Uses Green Rhino EnviroHorn™ Drain Filter on Chester Drainage Tunnel Project

VINCI Construction UK uses the Green Rhino EnviroHorn™ drain filter to prevent muddy water from its operations contaminating or blocking surface water drains. EnviroHorn is a more effective and more practical alternative to drain mats, drain covers and other gully filters.

VINCI Construction UK is the principal contractor on a project to build a new surface water drainage tunnel underneath the city of Chester. The civil works are scattered across the city and close to the live infrastructure.

Project Engineer Michael Offlands: ‘We wanted to reduce any impact on our surroundings as much as possible including the highways drainage system.

‘Our tunnelling contractor, V J Donegan, is using Green Rhino Dewatering Filters to remove sediment from water discharged by their operations but we wanted to provide a last line of protection. The EnviroHorn Drain Filter was an ideal solution because the filters can be easily removed and emptied when they get full. EnviroHorns were installed at 12 locations across the city close to operations.

EnviroHorn drain filter fits inside surface water drains and captures silt and debris EnviroHorn drain filter captures silt which would otherwise pollute natural waterways and block drains

‘Some of the EnviroHorns trapped a considerable volume of silt which would otherwise have entered the roadside drains. This would have caused pollution in the natural waterway which the drainage system discharges into and would probably have blocked the drains too.

‘Being able to remove, empty and reuse the EnviroHorns makes them a very manageable and low cost method of minimising the environmental and civic impact of our operations.

‘I would recommend the EnviroHorn to groundworks contractors who expect to generate a lot of muddy runoff.’

The EnviroHorn Drain Filter has been listed on the Considerate Constructors Best Practice Hub by Balfour Beatty. 

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