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Drain & Dewatering Filters

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Green Rhino provides a range of Drain Filters and Dewatering Filters. You can find more information on the EnviroHorn™ Drain Filter here.

Filter out sediment and/or oil when dewatering excavations

With a Green Rhino Sediment Filter and a pump you have a dewatering solution you can deploy within minutes – perfect for construction sites and utility maintenance teams. These rugged and reusable sediment filter bags provide an easy-to-use and cost-effective alternative to settlement tanks and vacuum tankers. Green Rhino dewatering filters clean water to regulator-approved standards. You may also know these filters by other names, such as sediment dewatering filter bags, silt bags, filter socks or silt socks.

Dewatering filters and pollution prevention legislation

When pumping water out of excavations, you have a legal obligation to filter out sediment and hydrocarbons before discharging into surface water drains or natural waterways. When working by the roadside, you also have a responsibility to keep pavements and roads clean and safe.

Muddy or oil water can create a slip or skid risk. Failure to abide by the law can lead to fines, prosecution and loss of contracts. Using Green Rhino dewatering filters is the easy way to comply with the law. Read our Best Practice Guide to Dewatering Excavations.

Complete range of dewatering filter socks

Our Sediment and Sediment XL Filters are ideal for regular use; the Economy Sediment Filter is a budget option for occasional usage; the Ultra-fine Sediment Filter is specifically for finer sediments like clay or more sensitive sites like SSSIs; and the Oil and Sediment Filter will absorb a light oil sheen as well as sediment – designed for use in contaminated excavations such as when working with oil-filled cables.

Scalable & cost-effective system

Where there is high-volume or a high flow rate, up to eight sediment dewatering filters can be harnessed using the Green Rhino Manifold System. This reusable system delivers the flow rate and filtration capacity of a settlement tank without the expensive hire costs.

Rugged, reusable and easy to deploy

Green Rhino dewatering filters are easy to deploy, empty and reuse. Filters will hold up to 20kg or 40kg of sediment before needing to be emptied. Apart from the Economy filter, all filters can be used up to 20 times before needing to be replaced. Lightweight, they can be hung in storage or in the back of maintenance vans when not in use.

All Green Rhino dewatering sediment filters are designed to handle repeated use in harsh conditions. They are made from high-quality and non-hazardous materials sourced from responsible suppliers.

How are Green Rhino sediment dewatering filters different to other silt socks?

Customers tell us that our sediment dewatering filters are more robust than other brands and consequently last longer which makes them much more cost effective. Green Rhino sediment filters are standard issue for many utility maintenance contractors who need a reliable, affordable, fast and safe way to dewater contaminated excavations.

Use the reusable cable ties provided with the dewatering filter. Tighten two around the collar of the filter to around 2/3rd the width of the hose. If pressure builds inside the filter, these are designed to break and release the pressure before damaging the filter.

Green Rhino dewatering filters are designed for use with a 2” discharge hose. For greater throughput and filtration capacity, consider the Green Rhino Multi-filter Manifold which is available with 4” and 6” fittings. The Manifold offers a more cost-effective and flexible solution to settlement tanks.

Green Rhino® technology is being deployed by UK Power Networks on street-works to benefit the company, customers and the environment.

UK Power Networks Innovation Strategy 2014