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Evolve your spill control with a free trial of EnviroPad®

The industry leading oil spill mat with unique CG1 Smart Polymer Technology that solidifies and traps oil & fuel spills instantly.

  • Lock in oil and fuel permanently 
  • Prevent spills and leaks
  • No more overflowing of rain-filled nappy-type pads
  • No more expensive disposal of large waste volumes
  • Ensure your site is kept pollutant free 

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Request a free trial of EnviroPad®

*Offer expires 31st December 2021. Offer open only to sites/projects not already using EnviroPad.

No spills, No leaks,

No overflowing

Double the oil retention of competitor products

Easy clean, just jet wash!

Use indoors and outdoors

CG1 Smart Polymer Technology locks in oil and fuel permanently

The common nappy-style products used to capture oil and fuel spills on site often lead to spillage, leaks and overflowing, especially if left out in the rain. This is not a pollution prevention solution! 

EnviroPad® solves this problem. Our CG1 Smart Polymer Technology absorbs oil and fuel to form a rubber like substance, trapping in pollutants permanently. Once captured by EnviroPad, there is no leakage, not even if rained upon. 

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Used by the Top Construction Companies in the UK