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Inline Filtration System

A self-contained unit housing a single Oil Removal Filter. Can be installed above or below ground, at the end of a run, and/or connected to a pump.

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  • Easy to install solution for higher risk sites
  • Failsafe, low-cost alternative to oil-discriminating pumps, interceptors and vacuum tankers
  • Reduces hydrocarbons to less than 5ppm
  • Contains our smart polymer which converts oil into solid rubber so it can’t escape
  • Automatically shuts off on detection of catastrophic breach/when filter needs replacing
  • Minimal maintenance – no mechanical parts and no power requirement

The Green Rhino Inline Filtration System (IFS) is an enclosed version of our Oil Removal Filter. It provides the same level of oil retention and flow rate but in a more configurable format.

This system can be easily and quickly installed in a new or existing site. It can be used in the following ways:

  • Above or below ground
  • Pump or gravity fed
  • Inside or outside a bunded area
  • At the main point of site drainage

The IFS requires minimal maintenance as it has no mechanical parts and no power requirements.

Water enters the filter from the site drainage system or from a bund and passes through the smart polymer hydrocarbon filter. The smart polymer turns hydrocarbons into solid rubber, trapping them inside. Clean water is discharged through the outer surface of the filter. Hydrocarbons are reduced to non-detect levels (as low as 0.01ppm oil concentration).

When all the polymer has been activated, flow is naturally blocked so no leakage can occur. This means that the cartridges will deliver a failsafe response in the event of a catastrophic breach. A build-up of water upstream or in the bund indicates that the filter needs replacing.


GRR 92 20 02 WRCInline Filtration System
(Excludes Filter)
115 x 40.9 x 55.4cm
GRR 03 10 00 HRFOil Removal Filter (4” Camlock Fitting)59.3 x 28.4cm80L/minUp to 14L oil