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Multi-filter Manifold

Scalable high-volume dewatering system

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  • Delivers the flow rates and filtration of a settlement tank
  • Use with 4, 6 or 8 sediment filters
  • Fast, easy deployment
  • Rugged & reusable
  • Significantly reduces your costs
  • Compatible with all Green Rhino Dewatering Filters

The Green Rhino Manifold is an adaptable, easy-to-use system for upscaling your dewatering operations.

Use it to harness 4, 6 or 8 Green Rhino Dewatering Filters to process large volumes of water without the delays or costs associated with vacuum tankers and sediment tanks.

Compatible with all Green Rhino dewatering filters you can adapt the system to the volume of water.

With 8 Sediment XL filters, emptied and reused 20 times, you could process 6.4 tonnes of sediment.


GRR 99 01 04 MSYSManifold - 4 filters / 4” Bauer fitting98 x 111cm1200-3200L/min
GRR 99 01 06 MSYSManifold - 6 filters / 4” Bauer fitting148 x 111cm1800-4800L/min
GRR 99 01 08 MSYSManifold - 8 filters / 6” Bauer fitting198 x 111cm2400-6400L/min


“On the Attleborough School project, Morgan Sindall used a Green Rhino Manifold system as a cost-effective alternative to a settlement tank. Over a 14-week period, we pumped water from a bore hole into a drainage channel. We used the manifold with four Green Rhino Sediment Filters to give us the required throughput and filtration.

“When the filter bags were full of sediment we could empty them out and restart the process. It worked perfectly. We only had to renew the filters once in 14 weeks. The whole system cost around 75% less than sediment tank hire for the period and could be reused on other projects. The other advantage of the manifold system is that you can use it near the works even if the ground is uneven – we positioned it on the side of a bank.”

Danny Branson, Site Manager – Construction East,
Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure

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