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Manual Bailer

Stay compliant when dewatering small and shallow excavations

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  • Low cost but highly effective solution
  • No mess, no fines
  • Essential item for all maintenance vans
  • Captures sediment as small as 50µm
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Amey ‘DEN’ Gold Award-winning product

The Green Rhino Manual Bailer is a simple, fast and compliant way to dewater small and shallow excavations. It should be a standard item of kit for all maintenance vans.

Rather than leaving sediment all over the pavement and road, or jet washing it into the drainage system, the Manual Bailer discharges water that meets environmental regulator-accepted levels. No mess, no fines.

The Manual Bailer pack includes a UN-certified 25L pail with screw top, a fine mesh sediment net, flexible hose outflow and fittings.

Water is manually scooped into the Manual Bailer where it passes through a fine sediment filter and out through a flexible hose pipe. Sediment as small as 50µm is captured ensuring that you comply with environmental regulations.

Retained sediment can be emptied back into the excavation on the completion of works.

If oil is present in the water, place a Green Rhino Oil Retention Pillow in the base of the pail. These pillows contain our smart polymer which converts hydrocarbons (oil and fuel) into solid rubber discharging only clean water. No leakage, no mess – even when wrung out.


GRR 02 02 01 EBKTManual Bailer (includes UN-certified 25L Pail, Sediment Net & Hose)46 x 34 x 34cm30L/min

15kg sediment
GRR 02 02 51 REFI2x 1L Oil Retention Pillows 30 x 30cmUp to 1L oil each
GRR 02 02 61 REFISediment Net Refill Pack (Pack of 5)60 x 47.5cm30L/min15kg sediment each