The spill pad that doesn't leak when it rains. Converts oil and fuel into solid rubber so it can’t leak out. Available in 5 sizes.

EnviroHorn Drain Filter

Our drain filter prevents run-off from your site contaminating the drainage system. Captures sediment and hydrocarbons.

Dewatering Filters

Filter out oil and sediment while you dewater excavations. Save £000s on vacuum tankering. Robust & reusable.

Quick Response Dewatering Pack

Fast and effective processing of sediment, oil sheens and minor slicks when dewatering.

Manual Bailer

Stay compliant when dewatering small and shallow excavations. Filters out oil & sediment. Ideal for maintenance vans.

Oil Retention Pillows

The smarter, cleaner way to soak up spills. 100% retention of contaminants meaning pillows can be wrung out safely.

Oil Retention Booms

These smart polymer booms prevent the spread of spills on water or land. Absorb, retain and contain oil-based pollutants safely.

Oil Detection Strips

Immediately detect the presence of oil or fuel in water. Avoid pollution incidents and fines by testing before you dewater.