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Oil Detection Strips

Immediate detection of hydrocarbons in water

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  • Avoid pollution incidents and fines
  • Test standing water in excavations, pools, tanks or bunds before dewatering or disposal
  • Test water after spill response to check purity
  • Detect 1ppm oil
  • Remove the cost and delay of third-party water testing
  • 100 per pack

Green Rhino Oil Detection Strips immediately indicate the presence of oils or fuels in water by turning dark blue. Essential for managers with responsibility for environmental compliance and pollution control, they enable quick and accurate testing of water-filled excavations and bunds for contaminants.

By removing the delays and costs associated with sending water away for third party testing, having these test strips on site encourages responsible and compliant behaviour where commercial pressures might otherwise lead to negligence by site operatives.

Simply dip the strip in water and move around for several seconds. If hydrocarbons are present, the strip will start to change colour from light blue to dark blue. The concentration of hydrocarbons will determine the level of colour change which could range from light flecking to a full and immediate transformation. A visual guide is included in the pack.


GRR 99 99 01 HDSTHydrocarbon Detection Strips – Pack of 1008 x 5cm