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Oil Retention Booms

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These smart polymer booms prevent the spread of spills on water or land

  • Smart polymer absorbs and solidifies hydrocarbons creating an impermeable barrier
  • Zero leakage even when saturated or wrung out
  • Any unabsorbed pollutants are successfully contained
  • Marine Booms ideal for proactive protection of watercourses near construction sites, lakes, marinas & harbours
  • Quick Deployment Booms perfect response for smaller spills on land or still water
  • Reusable until completely solid
  • Available in a range of sizes from 1m to 30m
  • Can be linked together to create barriers of any length (on request)


Green Rhino Oil Retention Booms are the most effective way to soak up and prevent the spread of hydrocarbon spills on land, rivers, lakes and the sea. Our smart polymer absorbent booms are unique in retaining oils and fuels permanently; contaminants will not flush or drain out when the boom is saturated.

This easy-to-implement and effective approach can save you from prosecution, fines and hefty clean-up costs. Also referred to as oil-absorbent socks.

Available in a range of sizes and capacities, booms can be joined together to create barriers of any length.

Two types of Booms are available:

Quick Deployment Booms

These oil absorbent booms are designed to be part of an emergency response to smaller spills on land or water. Simply position around the spill or to block its path. These booms can also be used to intercept water running into surface water drains. Available in a range of lengths from one to 30 metres.

Marine Booms

Our floating oil retention booms can be used to contain oil and fuel spills in calm water(s) with currents. Applications include:

  • Across rivers, streams and gullies in or near construction sites
  • Near refuelling docks in marinas, harbours and lakes
  • In the scuppers of commercial vessels to capture contaminated run-off

Marine booms are available in a range of lengths from one to eight metres and can be linked together to create longer barriers.

Unique smart polymer booms

Green Rhino Oil Retention Booms contain a specially-blended smart polymer which absorbs hydrocarbons and transforms them into a solid rubber-like substance. The solidified contaminants are trapped inside the boom permanently.

Spills on open or moving water will be absorbed from the surface of the water as it laps against the boom and passes underneath.

You will see the polymer inside the boom harden and discolour as hydrocarbons are neutralised.

You can wring out the excess water from saturated booms – this is clean water – and dispose of the used booms in a designated COSHH bin.

Why are they better than other spill control booms?

Traditional absorbent-based oil booms do not retain hydrocarbons permanently. Contaminated water will flush or drain out of these booms when saturated, back into the water they are supposed to be cleaning. This also creates a spill risk when disposing of the booms or requires the booms to be placed in a plastic bag before removal from the water.

Green Rhino’s Oil Retention Booms offer a cleaner, more effective method of spill clean-up.

Rugged, clean and reusable

All Green Rhino Oil Retention Booms are constructed of a spun-bond mesh outer skin filled with our proprietary smart polymer blend. Booms can be reused until all the smart polymer has been activated. Water can be allowed to drain out before storage between uses. No contaminants will leak out.

For spills on standing water (e.g. in excavations, bunds and tanks) see our Oil Retention Pillows.



GRR 02 80 01 BOOMQuick Deployment Boom – 1m 100 x 4.5cmUp to 1.6L oil
GRR 02 80 02 BOOMQuick Deployment Boom – 2m 200 x 4.5cmUp to 3.2L oil
GRR 02 80 03 BOOMQuick Deployment Boom – 3m 300 x 4.5cmUp to 4.8L oil
GRR 02 80 04 BOOMQuick Deployment Boom – 4m 400 x 4.5cmUp to 6.4L oil
GRR 02 80 05 BOOMQuick Deployment Boom – 5m 500 x 4.5cmUp to 8.0L oil
GRR 02 80 06 BOOMQuick Deployment Boom – 6m 600 x 4.5cmUp to 9.6L oil
GRR 02 80 07 BOOMQuick Deployment Boom – 7m 700 x 4.5cmUp to 11.2L oil
GRR 02 80 08 BOOMQuick Deployment Boom – 8m 800 x 4.5cmUp to 12.8L oil
GRR 02 80 12 BOOMQuick Deployment Boom – 12m 1200 x 4.5cmUp to 19.2L oil
GRR 02 80 15 BOOMQuick Deployment Boom – 15m 1500 x 4.5cmUp to 24.0L oil
GRR 02 80 30 BOOMQuick Deployment Boom – 30m 3000 x 4.5cmUp to 48.0L oil
GRR 02 82 01 BOOMMarine Boom – 1m 100 x 7.75cmUp to 3.2L oil
GRR 02 82 02 BOOMMarine Boom – 2m 200 x 7.75cmUp to 6.4L oil
GRR 02 82 03 BOOMMarine Boom – 3m 300 x 7.75cmUp to 9.6L oil
GRR 02 82 04 BOOMMarine Boom – 4m 400 x 7.75cmUp to 12.8L oil
GRR 02 82 05 BOOMMarine Boom – 5m 500 x 7.75cmUp to 16.0L oil
GRR 02 82 06 BOOMMarine Boom – 6m 600 x 7.75cmUp to 19.2L oil
GRR 02 82 07 BOOMMarine Boom – 7m 700 x 7.75cmUp to 22.4L oil
GRR 02 82 08 BOOMMarine Boom – 8m 800 x 7.75cmUp to 25.6L oil