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Quick Response Dewatering Pack

Fast and effective processing of sediment, oil sheens and minor slicks. No vacuum tanker required.

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  • Essential for construction sites and maintenance gangs
  • Includes Oil & Sediment Dewatering Filter, Oil Retention Pillows, Hydrocarbon Detection Strips & protective gloves
  • Dewatering Filter removes 20kg sediment and 2.5L oil sheen
  • Where contamination more serious, use pillows first
  • Pillows contain our smart polymer which turns oils and fuels into solid rubber so they can’t leak out
  • Filter can be emptied and reused up to 20 times
  • Water discharged to Environment Agency accepted levels (150 µm)
  • Standard COSHH disposal

The Quick Response Dewatering Pack enables you to process sediment, oil sheen and minor slicks without needing a vacuum tanker. It includes an Oil & Sediment Dewatering Filter, Oil Retention pillows, Hydrocarbon Detection Strips and protective gloves.

There are three pack sizes with oil removal capacities of 7.5L, 12.5L and 17.5L. This is based on the number of Oil Retention Pillows provided. Refill packs are available.

Where pooled water contains just sediment or a light sheen, the filter will clean the water to Environment Agency-accepted levels. Filter retains sediment as small as 150µm and 2.5L oil.

The filter will retain 20kg of sediment. When full, it can be emptied and reused up to 20 times, or until the integral hydrocarbon detector turns dark blue.

Where there is a higher level of contamination, use the pillows first. These contain our smart polymer which traps oil and fuels inside by converting them into solid rubber. Only clean water will run out – even if you squeeze the pillow. This means that contaminants won’t run back into the water when you lift the pillows out.

Pillows will remove all hydrocarbons dispersed in water, whether in the emulsified or dissolved phase, and the heavier collection of settled oil on the bed of an excavation. Use as many pillows as necessary. Each pillow will retain 1L oil.

Any remaining surface sheen and suspended particles will be removed by the filter.


GRR 02 00 05 DWATQuick Response Dewatering Pack – 5 Pillows46 x 34 x 34cm7.5L oil, 20kg sediment
GRR 02 00 10 DWATQuick Response Dewatering Pack – 10 Pillows46 x 34 x 34cm12.5L oil, 20kg sediment
GRR 02 00 15 DWATQuick Response Dewatering Pack – 15 Pillows46 x 34 x 34cm17.5L oil, 20kg sediment
GRR 02 01 05 REFIPolymer 5 Pillow Refill Pack5L oil
GRR 02 01 10 REFIPolymer 10 Pillow Refill Pack10L oil
GRR 02 01 15 REFIPolymer 15 Pillow Refill Pack15L oil
GRR 02 01 30 REFIPolymer 30 Pillow Refill Pack30L oil