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Ultra-fine Sediment & Oil Filter

Finer filtration for more sensitive environments (e.g. SSSIs) and higher pressure applications

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  • Filters sediment down to one micron (up to 20kg)
  • Cost-effective alternative to a sediment tank
  • Use Green Rhino Manifold to harness up to 8 filters at once
  • Retains 2.5L of oil sheen
  • Empty and reuse up to 20 times (400kg) or until integral hydrocarbon detector turns dark blue
  • Cam lock option for use with high pressure pumps

Green Rhino Ultra-fine Sediment & Oil Filters are primarily a fine filtration product designed for more sensitive environments (e.g. SSSIs, near rivers). They will filter out sediment as small as one micron in size.

They can provide a cost-effective and quickly-deployed alternative to a sediment tank, particularly when using a Green Rhino Manifold System to harness multiple filters at once. Filters are available with a cam lock fitting for use with high pressure pumps.

Each filter will capture 20kg of sediment before needing to be emptied and can be reused up to 20 times.

Where standing water has a surface sheen, each filter will retain 2.5L of oil and includes an integral hydrocarbon detector which turns dark blue when this capacity is reached. At this point the filter should be replaced.

Where more oil is present, use Green Rhino Oil Retention Pillows to remove the slick before dewatering.

Green Rhino dewatering filters are lightweight and include carrying handles for easy removal and emptying.


GRR 01 05 02 SEDOSediment Filter150 x 35cm20kg150µm20x450L/min
GRR 01 05 10 SEDOSediment XL Filter150 x 80cm40kg150µm20x800L/min
GRR 01 06 01 BFILEconomy Sediment Filter150 x 35cm20kg100µm450L/min
GRR 01 00 01 OILSOil & Sediment Filter150 x 35cm2.5L / 20kg150µm20x*300L/min
GRR 01 07 01 EVACUltra-fine Sediment Filter (Cam)130 x 30cm
2.5L / 20kg1µm20x*300L/min
GRR 01 07 50 EVACUltra-fine Sediment Filter180 x 30cm2.5L / 20kg1µm20x*300L/min