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Water Remediation Chamber

Heavy-duty hydrocarbon and sediment filtration system for highly sensitive or remote sites

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  • Ideal for utility pole or railway sleeper storage sites.
  • Reduces hydrocarbons to less than 5ppm
  • Retains up to 56 litres of oil
  • Failsafe, low-cost alternative to oil-discriminating pumps, interceptors and vacuum tankers
  • Minimal maintenance – no mechanical parts and no power requirement
  • Contains our smart polymer which converts oil into solid rubber so it can’t escape
  • Automatically shuts off on detection of catastrophic breach/when filters needs replacing

The Green Rhino Water Remediation Chamber (WRC) is designed for sites with a high risk of discharging hydrocarbon-polluted water into the environment. This includes oil from depots and utility bunds, and creosote from utility pole and sleeper storage sites. Use the WRC as a low-cost alternative or supplement to oil/water separation systems.

These systems can be easily and quickly installed in new or existing sites. They can be located above or below ground, at the end of a run, and/or connected to a pump. A sealed unit, it can be used in high-risk flood areas.

They require minimal maintenance as they have no mechanical parts and no power requirements. Suitable for the remotest sites.

WRCs are available in two and four filter configurations for sites of differing risk and/or flow. See also our Inline Filtration System.

Water flows through a sequence of sediment and hydrocarbon filters. The oil filters contain our smart polymer which turns hydrocarbons into solid rubber, trapping them inside the filter. Hydrocarbons are reduced to non-detect levels (as low as 0.01ppm oil concentration).

The WRC is built to Class 1 Full Retention oil/water separator specifications. The four and two filter chambers will remove the polluting compounds – including phenols and cresols – found in EU specification creosote.

Only clean water is discharged from the chamber.

When all the polymer has been activated, flow is naturally blocked so no leakage can occur*. This also means that the cartridges deliver a failsafe response when a catastrophic breach occurs. A build-up of water in the bund indicates that the filter needs replacing.

*Please note that for some creosote-contaminated sites, special conditions will apply. Please call us for more information.


GRR 92 10 04 WRC4 Filter Water Remediation Chamber
(Excludes Filters)
167 x 86 x 60.5cm160L/minUp to 28L oil
GRR 92 10 02 WRC2 Filter Water Remediation Chamber
(Excludes Filters)
167 x 86 x 30.8cm80L/minUp to 14L oil